Beauty of Decay

Fuck off and Die!!!

BEAUTY OF DECAY ... can be described as melodic math metal with underlying progressive theme's and mind melting, nipple hardening breakdowns. The set can be faster than time travel in some parts, yet drudgy and slow at others. Perfect for circle pits, stomp dancing and all other forms of drunken debauchery. Picture the kind of music playing in the background in your dreams while you're smashing a sledge hammer through a wall on speed. Then what you would listen to as you run away before the wall falls down and crushes your ass. Thats it! The stage show leaves most of their soon to be fans mouths open for about the first brutality inducing wake up call of a song, at which point the crowd usually looks at eachother and unanimously decides that its time to take heads. Be warned not to enter their pit without good health....and dental insurance. Simply put, they can't wait to see the beauty of your bloody bruised, but liberated existence gracing their pit. So what are you waiting for? Check the show dates, get there, and if its a thursday nighter, you'd better be ready to call in the next day... Beauty of Decay has ravaged venues such as Mill City Nights, The Urban Wildlife, The Rock in Maplewood,Station 4 in St. Paul, and the Rox in St. Cloud. Beauty of Decay also appeared at the Northern Wisconsin Metalfest in 07' and 08'.

In February of 2008, Lucas Rominger joined the band as lead guitarist. Lucas has brought with him much experience and talent that will help bring the band to the next level. His ability to solo is quite impressive, while also contributing riffs that fit the brutal nature of the band. He is well versed in many time signatures, and we are psyched to have him as part of the band. Before joining Beauty of Decay, he was a member of Anal Blast. Shortly after Lucas joined, the band added Evil and Shane Patten as bassist and vocalist respectively to complete the current lineup. Evil has brought a smooth subsonic consistency to the band that puts a steel coating on the bands collective balls, while Shane's vocal patterns along with the complex writing style of the band combine to release mind melting poly-rhythmic sequences.

The band has just finished their full length Album "Lullabies for the Aborted" forall of you bloodthirsty metalheads. The new line up is solidified. The arsenal of material assembled over this time builds on the core where the band started, still focusing on chilling melodic grooves, while crafting a progressively brutal soundtrack to the deterioration of the industrialized world as we know it.

Currently BEAUTY OF DECAY is recording, writing, working on promotional deals and booking shows.

Beauty of Decay is Tony Coffin, Lucas Rominger, Evil, Shane Patten, and Chris Marciniak. For Booking Call: Lucas: 612-327-2609

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