Beauty of Decay

Fuck off and Die!!!

About Us

BEAUTY OF DECAY ... In a few words. Relentless. Churning. Lovingly violent. Dark. Heavy. With an Industrial sense and a healthy portion of fuck you. Lullabied for the Aborted our full length album has been released!! Get it here:

New Members
We would like to introduce our new Drummer; Chris Marciniak! He tightens up what was already heavy as fuck, hits hard, and has a great meter. Check out a show. You won't be dissapointed. You might shit you pants because it's that good.


"Absolutely furious! Fantastic! Metal of this caliber is rare and wonderful.”

- How to avoid art (band)

“Very heavy....and Good! Thumbs up. I like that the vocals are clear!”

- Lund Junk Antiques Sandford

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